The evolution never ends


The enormous success of the glass fronted vendor G-Drink originates in its perfect merger of Japanese cutting edge technology and Italian craftsmanship.

The delivery mechanism (robot) is very simple but extremely precise and reliable. A Japanese-designed robot (catcher) meticulously calculates all the mechanical movements required before picking the product and delivering it in the most accurate way.

The vertical-rail system allows the catcher to slide over the products which have accidentally dropped down, without hindering its movement and ensuring the highest benefit to the operators.


Main features

Vertical Rail-System

Vertical Rail-System

The new vertical lift system allows the catcher to slide over the bottle without hindering its movement.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

The delivery area is designed at an optimal power zone position according to ergonomic principals where a neutral posture is maintained. While collecting the products, it ensures minimum stress to the body with a simple single-handed operation.



Discover the Modular System developed for solving the problem of narrow passages.


Modular System

For solving the problem of narrow passages

The Modular G-Drink Design is developed to overcome the hassle of a narrow doorway.

Vertical-rail system

Reducing Service Calls

The success of this machine is a very simple but an extremely reliable delivery mechanism.

This mechanism, a robot, is developed in Japan with a cutting-edge technology calculating meticulously all mechanical movements before taking the product with the catcher and delivering it in the most accurate way possible.


Naturally cool!

ECO Concept with R290 HC

R290 is a natural commercially available modern refrigerant. 
The non-toxic hydrocarbons are an eco-friendly alternative to the CFC/HCFC/HFC fluorocarbons related to ozone damage.

SandenVendo has met this challenge by pioneering an innovative patent pending process where R290 is safely applied for the current range of refrigerated vending machines.

We are proud to present a new, Eco-Friendly version of G-Drink.

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