Production and R&D


The production department is the heart of our company, where we create our innovative products to be tested and then placed on the market.

Our workers work in compliance with health and safety regulations, to ensure that the entire environment is as safe as possible, with respect to human rights, and endeavouring to provide the best conditions within the workplace.

Production is divided into various departments, to manage work more efficiently, and to keep the whole production flow under control: from the cutting and bending sheet metal department, through to welding, painting, foaming and quality control, where the products are subjected to testing, and of course the production line, pre-assembly and assembly.

The cooling system that is added to all distributors is assembled in production with components, some of which come directly from the headquarters in Japan, the flagship of SandenVendo.


The Research and Development Office is responsible for researching and developing innovative new solutions that will then be applied to the industrialization of the vending machines.

The R&D offices work closely with the production department maintaining a continuous exchange of ideas and information with the production staff.

The R&D department staff use advanced software designing machines and technical components and work with the highest commitment to continuously improve the products that SandenVendo offers its customers.