Back Loader


Back Loader

Load the vending machine directly from your shop


The smart, easy and eco-friendly solution to deliver the best of your products

Forget sudden temperature changes, reduce your workload and keep the highest hygienic standards: the new Back-Loading system is designed to ease the operations of butcher shops professionals by allowing the products loading process directly from inside the shop into the vending machine.

The new Back Loader combines SandenVendo’s renowned expertise in developing top-notch cooling technologies with a system aimed at simplifying the operations of professional butchers worldwide while keeping the highest hygienic standards for your products by allowing you to load products from the comfort of your butcher shop.

Flexibility meets higher hygienic standards for your business

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

LED lights and second-generation HC system reduce energy consumption



Designed with the professionals’ needs in mind

Safety in Operation

Safety in Operation

HACCP program and operational green light to guarantee further safety



LED Light for Meat
Soft, warm lights colours designed to display meat products

Meat products require proper illumination: we designed a professional LED lights system that emphasizes the meat colours even more intensely.


I'm SandenVendo's new Back Loader, nice to meat you


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