Carbon Neutral Project

This vending machine is part of something bigger… the ecosystem.

Carbon Neutral Project

SandenVendo is on a mission to save the planet from climate change and from its own CO2 emissions.


From 2020, the Group has undertaken several green actions to protect the environment near its manufacturing site in Casale Monferrato, Italy.

Among the green activities carried out by SandenVendo, there is Carbon Neutral Project whose strategy is to plant trees to equalize the CO2 emissions caused by the manufacturing plant’s activity in northern Italy.


Part of the profits generated with the sales of our vending machines are used to plant trees.

SandenVendo outlined a scheme of planting 1500 trees of the local species as part of the Carbon Neutral Project by end 2021.

Following the Montreal Protocol and meeting three of the goals listed on the UN’s 2020 Agenda, the project will continue planting trees even after having achieved the ambitious goal of neutralizing the company’s overall CO2 emissions.


The more vending machines will be sold, the more new trees will grow strong and purify the air.


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