UnoCool & UnoCool+

Compact Vending, but Make it Cool!

UnoCool & UnoCool+

Do you want to go vending, but lack the space?

Make room for your vending ambition with UnoCool and UnoCool+, the new cool tabletop automated solutions for pubs, offices and meeting rooms.


Our First Vending Machines with Thermoelectric Cooling System

UnoCool and UnoCool+ feature a thermoelectric cooler (ETC) that allows for cooling products up to a minimum of 10 °C.

This revolutionary cooling technology is specially designed to meet the demands of a clientele looking for compact, flexible and versatile vending solutions.

A new world of vending opportunities opens up with UnoCool and UnoCool+: install them in office spaces, pubs, meeting rooms, sports facilities, hotel receptions, and more.


A Cracking Good Time

Get creative and fill your new UnoCool and UnoCool+ with heat-sensitive products such as chocolate bites, protein drinks, and even cosmetics.

Taller than UnoCool, UnoCool + is an eco-friendly and space-saving vending machine with spiral delivery system which can accommodate products up to 230mm in height in a 3-shelves configuration or 170mm in a 4-shelves one.

Explore endless business opportunities with our versatile tabletop vending machine, tailored to thrive in any location!


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