Outdoor Vending Line

Your favorite vending machines, but make it outdoors

Outdoor Vending Line

Make vending accessible anywhere, at any time.

From train stations to the top of a mountain in a chalet, our Outdoor Vending Line will take your business dreams higher, and louder.


From snacks to cold drinks and merchandising

The Outdoor Vending Line by SandenVendo features our popular G-Drink and G-Snack machines complete with a slave version, and a durable and anti-vandal touch display solution.

SandenVendo's Outdoor vending machine proudly carries IP34 certification, guaranteeing resilience against rain: a reliable choice in varied weather conditions!

SandenVendo's Outdoors boasts a cooling unit equipped with a heater to allow maintaining the products' quality even in outer negative temperatures. The thermal breaker adds an extra layer of security, actively preventing potential short-circuits.


Why choosing SandenVendo for your next Outdoor Vending machine?

Extra protection with robust Lexan outer door


Thermal breaker

Cooling unit with heater

Anti-freezing technology

Rainproof IP34

Anti-vandal key pad and slide coin insert

Heated glass anti-condensation

LED illumination



Outdoor Line Models

Renowned as the most versatile vending machines on the market because they can accommodate drinks and snacks, the main unit of our G-Snack and G-Drink models go outdoors in their Key-Pad and Touch Panel Display versions that can be connected to a slave version.

For practicality, the machines feature a foldable roof to optimize transportation thanks to a reduced volume. Additionally, the rear protection panel serves a dual purpose by aiding air outflow while safeguarding the machine's internals.


Who's Thirsty?

SandenVendo's Outdoor model allows customers to choose from a wide variety of soft, cold drinks and snacks. Complete your vending offer with a slave machine.

Need Inspiration for an Outdoor Vending Location?

Our clients love installing our Outdoor Vending machines in the parking lots of shopping malls and train stations, amusement parks, skiing complexes, stadiums or sports facilities, parks and on the coastal side of beautiful beaches: free your imagination!

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