On October 2021, EcoVadis, the universal sustainability rating provider, awarded SandenVendo with a silver medal.


Only 3 points away from the gold EcoVadis medal, SandenVendo obtained the silver medal and accomplished a result that is greater than 90% of the companies evaluated by EcoVadis. Reaching such height was only possible thanks to a series of combined endeavours that the company has carried out during the past year by involving and improving the best practices of some production departments while developing new green projects with the aim of reducing its harmful impact on the planet.

This silver medal achievement earned SandenVendo a spot among 4% of the best companies in the general-purpose machine manufacturing sector, always according to the evaluations carried out by EcoVadis.

An outstanding exploit that will mark the beginning of a new wave of sustainability projects in the machine manufacturing sector, and hopefully inspire other companies to push their green commitments further and join the green revolution that can only be achieved once that most of the industry players join forces against climate change.

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