The SandenVendo Group is elated to share its vision of Corporate Social Responsibility for the ongoing year 2021

Through the application of a structured system designed for continuous improvement, SandenVendo introduces an environmental management plan aimed at improving the company’s green performances. In order to exploit all the possible synergies in terms of organization and procedures, such system will be integrated into the company’s existing quality management structure of control mythology, correction, verification and review.

The environmental management system, based on the dynamic and cyclical process of Plan – Implement – Control – Review, will be developed in compliance with the environmental specifics listed on the Corporate Environment Policy in order to determine and achieve the company’s green goals.

The mission is to improve the Group’s ecological performances and reduce its environmental impact.

To achieve its green goals, SandenVendo launched three ambitious yet necessary projects that, combined, will make a difference and relieve the impact of the manufacturing industries on the ecosystem and on the local communities.


The Carbon Neutral Project

Launched last year, the project has seen SandenVendo giving life to a forest nearby its production site in Northern Italy; the area, well-known by locals and especially appreciated by nature lovers from all over Italy, is a protected strip of land that houses a large number of animals and plants.

Thanks to the Carbon Neutral Project, a part of this ground will be reforested with trees donated by SandenVendo so as to neutralize the CO2 emitted by the manufacturing plant and defend the biodiversity of the area: by the end of 2020, SandenVendo has already planted 300 poplar trees, carefully chosen local-origin spices.

Following the Montreal Protocol and meeting three of the goals listed on the UN’s 2020 Agenda, the project will continue planting trees even after having achieved the ambitious goal of neutralizing the company’s overall CO2 emissions.

From 2021, SandenVendo is going to allocate a part of its sales to the Carbon Neutral Project: the more vending machines will be sold, the more trees will be planted.

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The SandenVendo Group has undertaken two more actions to reduce its environmental impact, one of which sees the implementation, on some of its top-notch models, of R290, a natural refrigerant gas with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential). The third project concerns a new Waste Management System that aims to recycle, reuse and reduce the company’s waste as a best practice.

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