From aiding hives to employing renewable energy in its manufacturing plants and a growing forest in two years: SandenVendo continues striving for climate change.


The goal is ambitious but the motivation is higher: reaching carbon neutrality and serving as an example to other big players in the manufacturing industry, aware of the evidence that a change is only possible when we join forces.

Over the past years, SandenVendo’s commitment has proven incisive thanks to a multitude of climate-favouring actions that led to the creation of further endeavours, one among all, the Carbon Neutral Project.

Launched in 2020, the project has quickly escalated its resolutions by planting a total of 1.200 new trees in a protected area in Northern Italy thus aiding the flourishing of the local flora and fauna. Soon, the project advanced and engaged with local bees farmers for the production of honey; this represents a further step towards reaching carbon neutrality and equalizing the emissions due to SandenVendo’s Italian production plant activity over the years.

To promote the development and implementation of Green House Gases projects with full transparency, SandenVendo set forth a target to obtain the new ISO 14064-1 this autumn.


The new ISO 14064-1 allows corporates to quantify the GHS (Green House Gases) emissions thus implementing Carbon Management Policies and communicating to their stakeholders the endeavours undertaken so far. This ISO represents a useful tool for gaining credibility concerning the amount, monitoring and reporting about our emissions and the application/dismissing of Green House Gases projects.

To hit the target and obtain this ISO, SandenVendo has long implemented a renewable energy plan that runs across its manufacturing plants; here, self-supplied groundwater is used for industrial processes in order not to waste publicly supplied water, while nearly 10% of water is recycled for the overall manufacturing processes.

Relying on renewable sources of energy, for SandenVendo, means playing smart against climate change and reducing our harmful footprint on the planet, fully aware that what we do today might not save the world from sinking, but it’s equally crucial to do it anyways.