SandenVendo's novelties disclosed: our friendly event recap for those who couldn't attend.

If Venditalia represented a glimpse of what the future of vending beholds, then we know it will be glorious: from unveiling user-friendly hi-tech features, to developing vending solutions aimed at improving the lives of communities all around the world, the italian trade-show held in Milan marked the beginning of a new sectorial era. SandenVendo used Venditalia to present some of its latest, game-changing novelties.



The Multi Module Vendor (MMV)  One Brain, Many Personalities
To be launched soon on the market, the Multi Module Vendor by SandenVendo is a solution designed to connect multiple vending machines to only one brain, that is, a main unit equipped with a 18.5'' user-friendly touch panel that allows for orchestrating multiple slave vending machines at the same time.


Unoffice  Vintage Vibes Reloaded
From the 50's with love, SandenVendo's new espresso coffee machine pays homage to the company's first designs. Equipped with a wide, intuitive and user-friendly touch display and a coffee grinder to serve customers with a premium Italian espresso, Unoffice will be soon available on the market.


G-Frozen  Enjoy the Brrrreeze
SandenVendo’s renowned expertise in the development of top-notch cooling technologies is today applied to the frozen food universe: meet G-Frozen, the new vending solution designed to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele.

G-Caffè UNI-Q Touch  Your Coffee Break Just Got Better
G-Caffè UNI-Q Touch is a coffee and hot beverages vending machine equipped with a new, 18'' touch display with disability-friendly interface. This smart and innovative display, designed to communicate with each Slave vending machine associated, will collect multi-purchasing orders and guide the users throughout the entire operation. Discover more

Backloader  Do It Smart, Back-Load it
Forget sudden temperature changes, reduce your workload and keep the highest hygienic standards: the new Back-Loading system is designed to ease the operations of butcher shops professionals by allowing the products loading process directly from inside the shop into the vending machine.



G-Drink Touch Outdoor  Outdoor Refreshment at your Fingertips
When premium usability meets smart outdoor vending: meet G-Drink Touch Outdoor, the new concept developed by SandenVendo to keep up with the new generation of vending users and their purchasing habits: equipped with premium anti-vandal and waterproof features for outdoor usage, serving cold drinks has never been easier. Discover more


G-Snack Outdoor Slave  Designed for Workers, Joggers and Wanderers
Backed by SandenVendo's expertise in thermo-dynamics and cooling systems, G-Snack Outdoor Slave comes with a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker and a temperature controller specially designed to operate under severe weather conditions. IP34 waterproof certified, this model comes with a heated anti-condensation glass, a new anti-vandal design and a smart LED illumination system. Discover more

G-Snack Touch Outdoor  Designed for Workers, Joggers and Wanderers
Once again, the most versatile vending machine of all times has just outdid itself. Now available with top-notch touch screen display designed for quick and multi-purchasing operations, G-Snack Touch Outdoor represents a safe, smart and innovative choice for satisfying large array of customers needs. Discover more


Fully aware that the future of vending is what we make of it, we will continue striving to serve our customers with the innovative vending that they deserve. Thank you for visiting us and for choosing SandenVendo as your vending business partner!