The new eco-friendly technologies displayed paired just well with the nature-themed booth design.

Those who visited SandenVendo's booth at Venditalia 2024, the leading vending trade-show held in Milano, Italy once every two years, report that it felt like stepping into a microcosm made of waterfalls, bees, grass and flowers.

The company designed its space to highlight the core importance that green technologies play into its business model.

SandenVendo's constant pursuit of excellence through innovation and sustainability led to a new, greener cooling unit with direct expansion that elevates the customer's experience while actively contributing to making a greener future for all.

This new solution elevates the EU Energy Category Label of our vending machines from D to C, while our popular G-Snack Budget will be the first machine on the range to boast a level B.


The new Outdoor models of the popular G-Snack and G-Drink machines were caressed by a gentle rain that proved their anti-condensation feature in any weather condition, be it hot or freezing.


Other novelties presented during Venditalia included the tabletop range that featured the company’s new coffee machine, UNOffice in its four stylish pastel colours, accompanied by SnackUNO and CaffèUNO, the perfect duo for small offices, startups, and meeting rooms.

SandenVendo, always focused on supplying useful and user-friendly solutions for end-users, created an 24/7 automated retail shop solution that showed the ease of purchasing merchandising and food & drinks from a combination of G-Snack, G-Drink and G-Caffè machines all connected and, of course, energy efficient.


The new Multi Module Vendor (MMV) put on a show and took the spotlight with its technology that allows for operating up to 4 connectable vending models, including the new Locker, from just one main unit, the BRAIN or the G-Caffè with a 18.5” touch-screen display, customizable with products images, promotions, nutritional values, and screensavers.

Last but not least, the Bottle & Can aisle boasted about their big time achievement of reaching the “B” level of the European Ecolabels, along with the G-Snack Budget model.

Along with the acclaimed G-Frozen machine, the new vending model designed to deliver frozen products for school and office canteens, malls, train stations, and other bustling public or private facilities, SandenVendo is projected into the future and aims to achieve NET ZERO in 2030 thanks to a fruitful combination of smart eco-friendly technologies that will help customers save on energy bills while taking care of our planet.