We are very excited to announce that SandenVendo G-Snack Evolution has been awarded the prestigious Vending Star innovation prize 2019 in the Category of “Technical Appliances”. 

The award ceremony of the 'Vending Stars 2019' took place during the 'euvend & coffeena Night' on 10 May 2019 at the Flora in Cologne.

G-Snack Evolution is a unique in the market, for its ergonomic designed concept. 

This truly user-friendly machine was developed by first thoroughly considering the well-being of the end users.   With its vast and well-illuminated delivery box the products are gently handled and swiftly delivered at a central ergonomic height, so that customers do not need to bend down to collect the products they have bought.  To prove how gentle it could deliver, we presented the machine with carton packed fresh eggs.  

All the features are realized by studying the needs of the end-users and their benefits, which is our fundamental goal of the product development to deliver the convenience to the customers.