G-Drink at Cape Town Airport

Here at the Cape Town airport in South Africa, we found our G-Drink machines!
Cape Town is known as a singularly beautiful place with its incredible landscapes, with a distinct and magnificent Table Mountain. 
We are proud to be present and take part of the sceneries.

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24h/7Day service - OUTDOOR Business chance!

SandenVendo G-Snack OUTDOOR is installed in Austria, offering a 24h/7days service to all who passes by.

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G-Snack Evolution at Casino of Le Havre, France

Are you a gambler? 

Then you have a good chance to see this beautiful G-Snack Evolution by SandenVendo installed in a casino of Le Havre in France. 

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It is with great sorrow that we announce that Alberto Spinoglio, Chief Executive Officer of SandenVendo Europe S.p.A, passed away on 27th December 2018 due to unexpected complications from a recent illness.

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Thank you so much for visiting SandenVendo stand at Vendex North in Manchester.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and business partners for visiting our stand at Vendex North 2018.
We hope you enjoyed your visit and the hospitality offered at our stand.


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