SandenVendo, the historic manufacturing leader in the production of Vending Machines with a cold heart made of the company’s flagship cooling units, will join the 12th edition of Venditalia, the Italian worldwide vending show held in Milan at FieraMilanoCity, 11-14 May 2022.

After years of continuous endeavours focused on perfecting the already existing, popular and sought-after models by implementing a patented refrigeration system that allows each vending machine to perform its duties by means of R290 (Hydro Carbon), a natural, commercially available refrigeration gas. Today the company strives to outreach its limits and is ready to present a new array of unique features and vending machines.

The top-secret projects developed by its designers and technicians unfolded in a series of novelties that cover each vending category: from coffee to Extra Vending and go beyond, this year SandenVendo is going all-in with exclusive products.

Venditalia 2022 will represent a global stage where launching the novelties designed by SandenVendo to broaden the end user's experience through modern, interactive features that winks an eye to the future of vending.

From aiding hives for the production of honey to employing renewable energy in its manufacturing plants and growing a forest in two years, SandenVendo continues striving for climate change as part of a company policy that has always been at the heart of its business.

Find SandenVendo at Venditalia in FieraMilanoCity, May 11-14, PAD 4 Stand C43/D44.