SandenVendo is about to launch officially a table top vending machine SAFETY POINT.
A small foot print and versatile machine is expressly developed with social contribution in mind, in order to support public health protection against COVID-19 pandemic.


The pandemic made us shudder. Our usual life-style is forced to change and we all had to get used to the “new normal” with much restrictions.

However business should be re-opening but with cautions and protections. SAFETY POINT support the business such as hotels, restaurants, offices unattended 24/7 service, by providing the protection and sanitizing materials for all.

A simple design and small footprint, SAFETY POINT is suitable for any place and location. It is extremely flexible to handle the products and it is surprisingly simple to change the products.

The products inside are well displayed and illuminated with LEDs to impulse sales. SAFETY POINT provides a sensible message of convenient service and public protection to your customers and visitors.

Cashless payments are not only convenient but are often also preferred. Cash management is difficult to manage, unhygienic and (as far as the companies are concerned) the process is troublesome, considering the time spent collecting money, counting and vandalism, etc.
The good news is that NFC payment system can be installed as an option on SAFETY POINT.

SAFETY POINT will extend your business to unlimited locations and opens up infinite opportunities.