SandenVendo, appreciated for its impressive history, heritage and reliability in manufacturing Vending Machines, has announced the official launch of the G-Snack XII (Twelve), the newcomer among their popular G-Snack range. G-Snack XII will be available on the European market as of 1st October 2019.


The SandenVendo G-Snack XII (Twelve) allows for flexible products assortment: it’s the largest-capacity Snack machine in its range, favouring up to 84 selections with a 6+6 selection double tray that provides for easier and smoother handling during product loading. G-Snack XII is so spacious and versatile that can be considered just like a mini convenience store 24/7.


The extreme flexibility of this model allows for accommodating a large array of F&B goods as well as extra-vending items of various sizes and shapes. Equipped with a motorized opening delivery eyelet, G-Snack XII can effortlessly handle and deliver bulk-size products.

Most of the functional components are common within the G-Snack range, thus minimizing the spare parts requirements. Backed by SandenVendo’s expertise in thermo-dynamics and cooling technologies, the cooling unit has proven to be one of the best on the market.

Beyond simple product selection, this machine is so flexible that opens up vast opportunities to customers who are interested in engaging with a solid wealth of retail possibilities.



A minimarket open 24/7, thanks to its 6+6 double trays that can accomodate up to 96 items.


The tray's configuration is so flexible that allows for managing a vast products assortment including bulk-size and extra-vending items.


The elevator allows for selling fragile items with ease, delivering the product in perfect conditions: guaranteed!