The SandenVendo stand will be introducing the company’s latest development; an advanced ergonomically designed vending machine: the G-Snack Evolution
This truly user-friendly machine was developed by first thoroughly considering the well-being of the end users. With its vast and well-illuminated delivery box the products are gently handled and swiftly delivered at a central ergonomic height, so that customers do not need to bend down to collect the products they have bought. The delivery area is designed at an optimal power zone position according to ergonomic principals where a neutral posture is maintained while collecting the products, ensuring minimum stress to the body with a simple single-handed operation. It is fitted with a safety sensor; the front shutter will remain open when it detects obstacles. All the features are realized by studying the needs of the end-users and their benefits.

Moreover, Caffè UNO establishes SandenVendo as a real coffee manufacturer with its unique, newly patented features to offer to the market. SandenVendo proudly presents the
SandenVendo Coffee brewer which delivers authentic espresso flavors and aromas in a way the Italians do best. Also, showing the innovative and patented water injection system for the mixer, a precise temperature management with the lowest possible energy consumption, as well as new ingredient canisters and much more stunning patented novelties.
The state-of-the-art Coffee machine turns the habitual coffee-making ritual into a very special experience.

So, don’t miss out. Come and see us, have a chat and try the equipment. See you in Manchester!

VENDEX North, Manchester United Stadium. Stand no. F12