Starting from March the 1st, 2021 SandenVendo’s energy labels are complying with the regulations in force

The European Union aims to maximize its energy efficiency and give up on fossil fuels to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

To do so, SandenVendo agrees with the EU that it is important to educate citizens and industrial leaders to consume less energy to perform the same tasks, a benefit that will touch the entire society and improve the overall green living conditions in many ways.

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One of the reforms undertaken to change this trend is the Ecodesign regulation EU 2019/2024 and Energy Labelling regulation EU 2019/2018. 

The EU Energy Labels Regulation, in force from the 1st of March, sees the implication of a simpler scaling system that goes from A to G; the A category will not be populated at first, encouraging industrial suppliers to develop cleaner energy alternatives.

SandenVendo follows this protocol including the testing method EN50597 to declare the energy consumption of Vending machines. This will provide more clear information for consumers/buyers to make an informed decision and encourage the manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient products. SandenVendo has been working on improving energy efficiency without compromising the performance of the machine so that the customers can always have the best choice.

SandenVendo is taking part in the green economy revolution led by the EU, by equipping some of its leading vending machine models with R290 gas, a clean, natural refrigerant fueled by Hydro Carbon.

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The customers who chose SandenVendo machines are performance and quality-oriented. Vendo history in fact started with the big bottlers such as Coke and Pepsi where the cooling performance is a mandatory requirement, thus the machines meet the severe test conditions to reach the required standard. SandenVendo’s cooling unit is known as one of the best in the market in terms of reliability and performance. The strength is laid in the fact that every single cooling unit is produced and tested internally by qualified staff who has knowledge and experience in thermo-dynamic expertise.

The philosophy of SandenVendo is to provide overall performance and reliability to their customers, who will gain benefit on running cost, by reducing the cost of parts replacement, intervention, maintenance and repair in a long span. In this aspect, SandenVendo is unbeatable and it is what the customers expect from their products.