The new way to think vending machines

SandenVendo, renowned for its expertise in cooling technologies, has now ventured into the frozen food universe: meet G-Frozen, the new vending solution crafted to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. Designed to operate within a sub-zero temperature range, G-Frozen incorporates SandenVendo’s popular, flexible, and user-friendly features into a robust and functional structure.

In a commitment to reduce both direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases while minimizing the impact on GWP, G-Frozen is powered by R290, a natural and eco-friendly refrigerant.

Backed by its flagship expertise in thermodynamics, SandenVendo expands its product range into the Frozen Food segment with G-Frozen, a model that boasts a large product capacity to meet the rising demand of the burgeoning frozen market. 

Modern people are shifting towards a more convenient and healthier lifestyle, preferring light, seasonal meals for their “on-the-go” lunch breaks.

Thanks to the progress made in food technology, today we are able to choose among a wide array of options for delicious ready-to-heat frozen meals.




G-Frozen emerges as the ultimate solution for catering companies and operators, offering a diverse range of options, including gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian choices, to cater various dietary preferences.

Frozen foods offer an extended shelf life!

Reduce food waste with frozen food options and portioned packages, and encourage the new generation of vending users to go green and make smart choices for the future!

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