Launched, rooted, grown and now expanding at an exceptional speed.


Created with the aim of equalizing the emissions of our production facility in Monferrato, Northern Italy, the Carbon Neutral Project has already planted 300 poplar trees of the local species in the Po River Park nearby the SandenVendo production site. Read more about the Carbon Neutral inauguration ceremony in 2020.

Starting from the end of November 2021, the Po River Park team will help SandenVendo to plant 900 more trees in the area.

This trees plantation booster will abundantly contribute to achieving our ambitious goal of reaching the carbon neutrality and reduce our CO2 emissions in the near future.


Always attentive to give back what we take from our planet, today we are able to plant 900 new trees also thanks to a satellite activity launched last year with the aim of contributing financially to the reforestation of the Po River Park.
To support the cause, we decided to donate part of the sales revenues generated from our vending machines to the Carbon Neutral Project. In fact, a careful eye will notice a Carbon Neutral sticker applied on our newest installations around the world: a sign to prove that buying from SandenVendo is a smart choice for the planet too.


More trees = more clean air = better living for all.


SandenVendo, as one of the key manufacturing players in the industry, acknowledges its role and the importance of acting wisely regarding the planet. For us, developing green projects and strive to find new approaches to fighting against climate change means leading by example while hopefully inspire other players to follow.