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A lot was achieved by SandenVendo during the last year, and especially over the last few months: from attending the UK's premiere vending industry event in Leeds, to promoting its manufacturing good practices to the new generations, the company has accomplished great milestones, one among all the ISO 14064-1 Certification.

To obtain the ISO 14064-1 Certification, an organization must meet a certain series of principles and requirements concerning the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals. This list includes the development, management, design, and verification of a company's GHG inventory.

By equalizing the CO2 emissions related to the manufacturing plan's activity, the company is proud to announce that this year SandenVendo is officially compensated for CO2 emissions for scopes 1 and 2 and renewed this prestigious certification in 2022.

On November 8th, the city of Leeds in the UK hosted the premiere event for the vending industry: Vendex.

Vendex is the UK's leading trade show and is considered the best meeting point for all who are working in the vending sector. There, SandenVendo presented a new G-Frozen, a vintage-look tabletop coffee machine, Unoffice, G-Snack 12 selection as well as a G-Drink Outdoor machine.



Available in four pastel colors, UNOffice is the winning combination of design and premium vending technology.

The vintage-style tabletop coffee vending machine is designed to please your search for tasteful coffee with the least environmental impact.



G-Drink goes Outdoor with a new set of top-notch features that turn our popular vending model into a must-have to extend your vending solution to outdoor locations.



G-Frozen is the first spiral vending machine in the SubZero temperature range produced by SandenVendo.

It is ideal for packaged ice creams, however, the high potential lies in the ready-meals segment as the machine can also accommodate a large variety of edibles thus serving Grab&Go products and guaranteeing 24/7 unattended service.

Over the last weekend of October, SandenVendo's Italian manufacturing facility hosted an event promoted by the Region of Piedmont called “Open Factories”.

The event invited scholars and their families to visit the facility and discover the production line designed by SandenVendo: the visitors were able to get an insight through the world's leading manufacturing company for the vending sector.