Outdoor vending is becoming an extremely interesting sales channel since the outbreak of the pandemic.
Operators have been using them for years, seeking the possibility of reaching out the consumers directly, not only through conventional channels such as the shops or cafeteria.

The customers prefer to purchase due to the convenient price compared to the shops or just because it is faster through the automated service. SandenVendo offers outdoor solutions through its G series, available in standard or design versions.

Proven Technology and reliability guaranteed by SandenVendo

Udo Nowakowski, German domestic Sales Director of SandenVendo comments: "If you want to start successfully in Outdoor Vending, you need one Supplier with experience as a partner. SandenVendo is considered reliable, innovative but also robust vending machine manufacturer backed with years of experience and provides certified outdoor solutions. This gives operators the security they need to avoid any bad surprises they may experience through rough outdoor everyday life".

Standard vs. Design

All outdoor vending machines from SandenVendo impress with their functionality and little bit extra is added when you consider the details. A big difference between the standard and design line is the exterior look.
The standard line comes in total black whereas the Design line has a black body with elegant silver profiles. The design line of the G-series convinces with its sophisticated appearance and it looks confident and solid at the same time.

Technical features for OUTDOOR

  • Front glass protection
  • Roof
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Temperature controller for outdoor
  • Cooling unit with heater antifreeze function (works also outside temperature below zero)
  • Waterproof IP34
  • Anti-vandalism (coin insert, keypad and coin-return)
  • Heated glass anti-condensation
  • An excellent led illumination also in dark

As an option, the machine can be topped further with: housing colour of your choice, customized decoration, specially coded lock (e.g. Rielda), wall and floor fixing kit, lock protection and various fitting kit. The machines are available also with ECO gas either with CO2 or Hydro Carbon (patented system) cooling unit.

Promising revenue generator

Outdoor vending machines may be scored with its appearance, but it is equally important to have a solid security feature, especially with processing quality and robustness. SandenVendo is aware that the outdoor solutions are an investment for the operator compared to indoor machines. There is a reason for this and is explained by the increased demands on the OUTDOOR machines.
The Outdoor solutions offered by SandenVendo are designed for tough and real outdoor use. Protection against vandalism, temperatures management, weather-resistant (IP34) and other aspects applied. The differences quickly become apparent, especially outdoors. No operators want any negative experiences; wish for the machine will provide continuous service under any circumstances.

Anyone who has thought-through, tested and reliable outdoor solutions with SandenVendo G-series could answer. In terms of price, we are in the middle range, but can still meet the highest demands, comments Udo Nowakowski, SandenVendo.

Business preferences

One of the most successful outdoor vending machines in Europe with excellent technical properties and versatile functions – that is the way you are allowed to sum up the SandenVendo G series. The machines are weather-resistant, vandal resistant and thus secure the sales for operators all outdoor sites where installed. The machine does not limit the products to sell. In fact, the requirement has been extended over the years also for direct sales of farmers, butchers or Retail/wholesale business.