SandenVendo's constant pursuit of excellence through innovation and sustainability led to the creation of a new, greener cooling unit with direct expansion

Did you know that during 2022, in Europe, the prices of gas increased by 115% while electricity rose by 237%?

The energy crisis urged us to study a better way to reduce energy consumption without compromising performance because energy-efficient products are increasingly important, and SandenVendo knows that.

Our priority is to elevate our customers' experience with energy-efficient solutions and contribute to making a greener future for everyone.

In 2017, SandenVendo launched the first machine powered by R290 Gas, an eco-friendly cooling refrigerant safely applied to our vending machines thanks to a dual-circuit combined with glycol. This step marked an outstanding achievement in compliance with the new European F-Gas Ban Regulation in force.

The new cooling units with direct expansion designed by SandenVendo have a lighter environmental impact because they are powered by R290 natural refrigerant Gas (GWP = 3), and have a Global Warming Potential of 3.

This new solution elevates the EU Energy Category Label of our vending machines from D to C, while our popular G-Snack Budget will be the first machine on the market in its sector to boast a level B.

Moreover, the new cooling unit with direct expansion is quieter because our engineers achieved to reduce the noise level of the machine by 3 dba: perfect to be installed in office spaces.

We want to achieve NET ZERO in 2030: not only do we believe that a greener future is possible, but we actively work to make it happen.

Just like our customers, we are proudly ECO-Conscious too!