From December 31st, 2022, Italy will enforce mandatory environmental labelling on all packaging. This decree provides for identifying each material used for the packaging well as indicating the correct end-of-life management of each.

What is the environmental labelling for packaging?
According to this law, all packaging placed on the Italian market must bear a label that contains information regarding the composition of the packaging and its correct disposal

Designed to facilitate the collection, reuse, disposal and recycling of each packaging, the environmental labelling for packaging is made of two types of obligations.

The first obligation demands that all packaging be labelled according to the applicable UNI technical standards, so as to provide appropriate information to consumers on the proper packaging disposal once it has become waste.

There is a second point that requires manufacturers - such as SandenVendo - to provide information on the nature of the employed packaging materials intended for both end consumers (B2C channel) and businesses (B2B channel).

The Decree applies to the territory where the packaging is placed.


SandenVendo, with its production and logistics venue located in Northern Italy, complies with the Decree on environmental labelling and declares itself as a responsible producer regarding recycling and civic awareness.

Always mindful of the environmental impact that our production and distribution activities cause the environment, we strive to set a good example and implement all necessary measures to improve Italy's environmental and civic conditions.

From first to last, we meticulously select the packaging used for the distribution and production of our products.

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